We’ve moved to Germany!

So, while I had grand plans of writing on this blog every day when I first created this blog, but practically with just 2 months to the wedding it just didn’t happen. However now, we’ve been in Germany 2 weeks today(!) and things are settling down so I have more time to dedicate to this blog. Expect some travel posts, wedding recaps, crafty diy and some general observations of German life in future posts!

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Hello, there!


I’m Jade and in 2 short months I will be marrying my boyfriend of 7 years, Luke. Our married life won’t be starting out like most newly weds as due to Luke’s job (army) we will be moving abroad to Germany for the next few years! We move just 3 days after the wedding! I’ll be using this blog to note our journey as well as our wedding, our future trips, diy and general life. So make sure you come back regularly!

Love, Jade