Our diy picnic themed wedding breakfast

I absolutely loved the relaxed feel of my wedding day. There was no pressure and everything just seemed to flow easily and I’m pretty sure that is due to our choice of having a picnic themed wedding breakfast.

While not everyone was thrilled with our choice and tried to make us pick something more “conventional”, we stuck to our guns and I’m so glad we did. Picnics were something that we both enjoyed doing and it was personal, relaxed and best of all it was original, unique and was really inexpensive.

After we had decided on the picnic theme, I scoured pinterest for some ideas. Immediately sitting on the floor was vetoed (although not by me) and we merged our favourite ideas and ended up with this…


I am so proud of how it turned out. I spent hours scouring ebay and free sites to find enough picnic baskets and I spent even more hours wandering around shops searching for gingham table runners  but all of it was worth it in the end.  Continue reading “Our diy picnic themed wedding breakfast”